I offer a foundational 7-week action program that creates containers and structure for completion of significant emotional loss. There are also options for short and long-term 1:1 support as you move beyond hardship, heartache and uncertainty to a lifetime of confidence and courage.

I offer participants a safe circle of support in which to express their story in several different ways, using diverse aspects of their emotional, physical, social, and spiritual being.  During the use of different expressive arts, the participant can connect with their grief, move through the veil of loss towards learning, and reconcile meaning in their lives.  The process will be different for each individual and deeply personal.

The only way out of the darkness – is THROUGH it.

Taking do-able baby steps will help break it into small pieces and – tackle 1 step at a time. When we experience post-traumatic stress from significant loss, there is a natural stripping away or dismantling that happens to the soul. Allowing for deep reflection, re-discovery, and re-prioritization, and we have the chance to become our most authentic, best Self.  We are suddenly AWAKENED to our life and what matters has a chance to reveal itself.

Small Group Programs

This small group program (for 6-8 people) is an 8-week commitment that allows for a transformative experience. Through group work and self-work you develop heightened awareness and understanding of the areas in your life where you need support & guidance moving forward through your grief recovery. The group program is a safe & sacred setting that allows you to explore your own grief and learn from others process.

Personal Coaching

This program is a 7-week commitment (with an option for 12 weeks) from you and allows for a transformative experience that provides you with an awareness and understanding of the areas in your life where you need one on one support & guidance moving forward through your grief recovery. The individual program is tailored to your specific needs and goals to help you make steady progress towards recovering your life after loss.

Finding Your Fit

This is a one-time Discovery Intensive session for those who wish to explore their fit with my 1:1 or group programs.


How do you want to spend this one precious life of yours?

I invite you to get in touch for a Getting Acquainted call
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I rated my overall experience in The Grief Recovery Method One on One Program as excellent.  I came into the program with a past history of broken relationships that created a deep foundation of mistrust within me.  I quickly realized that my incomplete past relationships were affecting my current ones.  With every romantic relationship there are hopes, dreams, and expectations.  Then one day, for whatever reason, the relationships ended or changed.  My hopes, dreams, and expectations were crushed. This is why it was so important for me to complete what was emotionally unfinished in my last relationship, so I didn’t bring it into my next relationship.  The more effort I put into my self work, my aha’s came quicker and I regained my sense of self-trust.  I am already creating healthier and more fulfilling relationships in my life.
–  Career Woman; previously disheartened & voiceless