Embrace and expand your heart’s capacity to heal.”


I never set out to be a Grief Recovery Specialist


but with the sudden death of my son in 2013, my life was forever changed.  As I struggled with the overwhelming impact of his death, I realized I had no idea of what I could to help myself.  My heart was broken and my head was not working right. I suffered physical symptoms and was riding an emotional roller coaster on a raging river of tears; his death literally left a gaping hole in my heart.

My journey of grief and loss exploration lead me to working through the Grief Recovery Method® Handbook and Expressive Arts activities that helped release my suppressed body, mind, spirit trauma.  My sons’ sudden death had ended all the hopes, dreams, and expectations I had for him and our relationship together.

As I completed the GRM® recovery steps, the pain diminished which gave me a renewed sense that I could participate in life again.  By becoming emotionally complete with my son, I did not forget him, but was now able to remember him without pain.

I was not alone.

We are all grievers and we have all experienced some form of grief and loss in our lifetime. As I shared my story with others, I became inspired to further my training in order to help others complete with their significant emotional loss.

It has become my passion to help others transform their pain into peace.

You are not alone. My business offers grief and loss recovery services locally on the Sunshine Coast, BC through sensitive, skillful, and soulful support. In my previous career as an Employment Advisor I inspired others to excel and to ignite their resilience within the challenges of life-work change. It has always been my gift to be of service and I enjoy companioning others in moving beyond their loss into living life more fully again.

An invitation for your next step….

Please take a moment to review the services I offer and let’s connect
to see how I can support you PEACE-ing your Life Together After Loss


Supported by Marion’s compassionate, honest and open nature; I was able to relax and share more deeply throughout my healing process.  I have learned skills that I can use in the future to deal with grief and have more self-awareness.  Participation in the GRM program 1 on 1 has made an important difference in my life. Through learning how to complete with incomplete relationships, I now experience much healthier interactions.   I am now able to be relaxed and more accepting of my mother.  As calmness grew within me, it rippled out into my outer world/relationships.  I would highly recommend this program to others.   Strong self-work commitment coupled with her sensitive and skillful support, has resulted in a happier and more fulfilling life!
–  Retiree; previously stuck & depressed


photograph of Marion courtesy © 2017 Heather Till