Grief does not change you… it reveals you.”


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Marion Prochnau and I am a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist. 

I am dedicated to help people deal with the grief caused by losses of all kinds.  While grief is the normal and natural reaction to all losses, most people have lost the natural ability to recover from those losses.  Re-educating and guiding people to recovery is my passion and it brings me the greatest joy to witness their return to personal peace.

I HELP PEOPLE NAVIGATE THEIR LIFE’S PATH while they build connection, authenticity and emotional resilience within themselves. Are you…

  • wanting to feel better and have less worry and anxiety in your life?
  • suffering from a broken heart, feeling lost with no escape?
  • experiencing change and transition or dealing with unfinished business?
  • feel you need to stay strong, bury your sad feelings or aren’t sure what to do next?

You are stronger than your circumstances.”


It’s completely natural to feel lost, alone, stuck or unhappy and there is hope…

I invite you to learn more about my background, the services I offer or get in touch to learn how I can support you on the path to grief recovery.